With so many environmental, cultural and societal concerns and other daily frustrations like travelling to work or not being able to pay a bill because you are caught in a perpetual robotic message loop it’s no surprise that the rates of crime and illness relating to anger are going through the roof.

Do you recognize when anger hijacks you?  Can you see yourself becoming inappropriately angry for no really justified reason?  Perhaps friends and family members have had enough of your outbursts.  When you get really angry very quickly the logical part of your brain shuts down and the ‘fight’ response kicks in.  At this point the mammalian part of your brain is dominant and, in effect, you become ‘stupid’ reverting to black and white thinking like, “he’s wrong, I’m right!” or “she never listens to anything I say!”

When you continually get angry with high emotional arousal you are putting your health at risk with adrenaline and the hormone cortisol racing around your body.  You could be heading for heart disease, stroke or diabetes if you do not learn to calm down. Put alcohol in the mix and you are looking at an explosion.

Working together from my therapy room in Brockham, just ten minutes from Horley, Reigate and Dorking. I can show you how to calm down quickly and step back, giving yourself precious moments to see the bigger picture and become more logical.  In the Further help section check out a great technique called 7/11 breathing we can practice.  It is quick and will get you out of many a potential anger outburst.

Just call me today on 07340 955669 or e.mail me on and we can work on creating a calmer you. 
Your friends and family will be pleased with the results and you can look at life in a much more objective and reasonable way.