Anger Management through Counselling – How Effective It is

Anger Management through Counselling – How Effective It is?

The term Anger Management is not a new one. However, many new techniques and tricks are introduced in the field to make the anger management procedure more effective for individuals. When you look for an anger management counselling session in Dorking, you should know what the process is and how it can help you in control or manage your anger.

Your counsellor will help you to understand the entire process so that you can get involved in the same easily.

What is Anger Management Counselling

Anger management is a process in which the certified and professional counsellors help their clients to understand and identify their stressors. People will learn which triggers their anger most and how to avoid such situations.

The entire therapy also helps them to stay calm and control their anger in a positive and constructive way instead of being violent or destructive.

It is not possible to avoid all the people and situations that can trigger your anger or make you feel extremely angry. But you can definitely learn how to control your responses in such conditions and make socially appropriate reactions to avoid destruction and violence.

A professional, experienced and reliable mental health expert can make this entire process easy and welcoming for you,

How Does It Work

  • The aim of the entire therapy is not to reduce your level of anger, but to make you understand how to control its outburst and avoid becoming destructive and aggressive.
  • The therapist will provide you with a controlled platform where you can release your emotions without harming yourself or anyone else. These responses must be constructive ones and nothing destructive.
  • The individuals learn about the arousal of their anger at each level and know when and how to control the same to avoid anything nasty and destructive.
  • You will learn how your body responses with each stage of arousal and what are the consequences of the same. This can be done by identifying the emotional reactions projected through physical actions. It can be hurting yourself or others, breaking things, throwing objects, screaming or beating someone or something badly.

Who Can Have this Therapy

People who have bad anger issue can go for counselling to control or manage their anger. Anger is one of the normal emotional reactions of human. There are various reasons that may make one feel angry. Though anger is normal, feeling extremely angry or destructive during anger is not normal all the time. Extreme anger brings an extreme level of stress too, which is not at all good for your health. Hence, you should learn how to manage your anger in a positive way.

What Are the Processes

As per the expert counsellors, there are lots of ways of controlling anger. It varies patient to patient. The level of arousal is not the same for every patient. Hence, different individuals should follow different techniques to manage their anger. Some of the popular techniques of anger management are;

Self-awareness: Know yourself and identify your point of arousal and your responses towards those situations.

Impulse control: Learn to control your impulses to stay calm during anger and feel positive.

Meditation: Practice meditation to gain an overall positive feeling in life to forget stress and anxiety.

Breathing techniques: This is highly useful to control anger and reduce stress which causes hypertension.

Relaxation strategies: You should find out things that make you feel relaxed and happy in a time of anger.

It is always better to help yourself in controlling your anger. However, when you see that things are going out of your reach, then it is always recommended to go to the professional counsellor for anger management.

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