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How to Mind Your Mind Under Threat of COVID-19?

A difficult time is prevailing across the world as the lethal virus COVID-19 is engulfing life, peace, and sanity. Fear is the universal emotion overtaking everyone’s mind right now. The more you are coming across news about the rapid spread of the deadly Coronavirus over social media, television, and other sources, the more you are getting exposed to bitter anxiety and panic attacks. There is also the pressure of remaining enclosed for such long period due to the lockdown norms issued worldwide. It is critical to cope up with the changing circumstances, and the stress life brings to you all of a sudden. This too will pass. Only you have to put the earnest effort in keeping both your mind and body healthy to function well in this challenging situation. Your account and bodywork in unison and if anyone of them is not fit the functionality of the other will be hampered. So, never take your mental health for granted. It is not enough to eat healthily, or indulge in a fitness regime by attending a gym. At the same time, you should take proper care of your mental health as well. If it’s not functioning well, you have to opt for counselling in Surrey to get over the frustrated and depressed mindset.

Getting comfortable with the concept of lockdown

Lockdown is one essential step to prevent the spread of the infection among people within the community. It is necessary to remain indoors and not stepping out unless it is necessary. This is a noble gesture to protect yourself, your family and the entire community from the disease wreaking havoc. If it is taking a toll on your mental health, then you have to take care of it efficiently by shifting your attention to some constructive activities. You can indulge in some DIY stuff, or gaining a new skill like learning a language and so on. Even you can pursue the hobbies you had but could not give time to it due to the busy schedule. You can paint, sing, read, dance, or do whatever you wanted to give way to for so long. Now, you have all the time for it. So, do not harp about the mental stress but get high on your spirit.

Handling Social Isolation

Most of you must have wished so badly to have the ‘Me’ time for so long. Now, you have it, but it seems to be so restrictive and monotonous. The need to follow strict social distancing practices give rise to stress and discomfort. That eventually triggers a bout of depression. Here are a few simple things you must indulge in,

  • Be busy. Set a routine for yourself while remaining indoors.
  • If you are working from home, then pursue the responsibility with utmost dedication.
  • Indulge more in household works.
  • Do away with negative emotions by getting yourself occupied in pleasant activities like, reading, writing, gardening, cooking, stitching, listening to music, watching programmes of your choice, or just anything you like to do.
  • Drink plenty of fluid and eat well.
  • Get involved in fitness activities.
  • If there are children and elderly individuals at home, take care of them and help them cope up with the situation as well.

This is the time to focus on reality and reject rumours. Make sure that you believe the news is coming from authentic sources. It is essential to follow the hygienic practices like washing and to sanitise hands and other exposed body parts whenever required and making other family members aware of it as well. If negative emotions persist for several days, despite all your efforts to get over it, then talk about it with someone. If it worsens and you start feeling helpless, then you must opt for counselling in Surrey. The professional help and advice will help you to get over the trauma and helplessness for sure.