Mental health today for a happy tomorrow
Mental health today for a happy tomorrow
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Feel better fast at affordable prices with online Counselling you can trust.

Start feeling calmer and happier today!

  • Overcome Anxiety

    Learn a new, helpful breathing technique
    Banish intrusive thoughts
    Set goals to calm down
    Stop panic attack
    Relieve OCD symptoms

  • Lift Depression Fast

    Lift mood
    Sleep better
    Return to your happier self
    Improve relationship with food
    Stop black and white thinking

  • Beat Stress

    Stop overwhelm
    Recognise burnout symptoms
    Think clearly
    Improve health
    Learn better coping skills


Jon, Leatherhead

Sally is an amazing practitioner. She has a wealth of life experience that compliments her training to allow her to assist in many different ways. I have found her time extremely helpful and would recommend her to everyone.

Clare, Horley

I can’t rate Sally high enough. Sally has helped my daughter through a very difficult time. She has gained my daughter’s trust and my daughter always looks forward to her sessions with Sally. Not only has Sally helped my daughter she has also help myself and the rest of my family to understand the best way how we can all support each other. I know without Sally’s experience and expertise my daughter would not have been able to control her anxiety. Once again thank you Sally.

Harriet, Dorking

I highly recommend Sally, she instantly made me feel at ease. I came away with tangible solutions and ways to move forward which I couldn’t see before. Thanks to Sally I feel totally ready for a fresh start!! I must say that the location is lovely to, with ample parking and it felt really warm and welcoming!

Simon, Godalming

I was delighted with the help and service I received from Sally.
I felt comfortable and relaxed throughout the work we did together and the benefit to my peace of mind was considerable.
Thank you!

Kate, Ambulance Service

I just wanted to thank you Sally for all your help, you have been brilliant! I have gained a great deal from our sessions and feel much better.

Julian, Reigate

All clean so far.
A few hairy moments when out for a drink with smokers but nothing passed my lips since I last saw you!
Three weeks on Monday!
Regards, Julian

Ron Smith, South Godstone

Well, I have no idea how Sally worked this, but from smoking 20 to 30 cigarettes a day for years, after a consultation and one session, I just don’t want to smoke again. Sally informed me, that I’d probably need some will power as well. However, will power has not entered in to the equation. I just have not even fancied nor do I fancy a cig. No stress, no prob.
Thanks Sally

Mireille, Horley

Sally is extremely good at creating a warm, safe and calm environment.
Even though I was sharing some severe traumatic experiences I constantly felt I could do this with Sally as she is completely non-judgemental. The guided imagery and rewind techniques sessions were slightly challenging but very liberating.
I recommend her to anyone in need of therapeutic support.

Steve, Surrey

I saw Sally to try and help a destructive compulsive gambling addiction that I have been trying to get on top of for 20 years.
She listened to my life story and accurately remembered everything good and bad about me during my treatment.
After 4 sessions of hypnotherapy I feel like something has triggered and the penny has finally dropped.
Now I am happy and focused again and have my life back from the the dark clouds of addiction, I am eternally grateful. Thank you Sally. I cannot recommend enough. I would return immediately if I felt vulnerable in the future.

£40 online therapy, £50 face to face. 4-6 sessions on average