Addictive Behaviour

Shopping, gambling, alcohol, smoking, stealing, drugs and overuse of the gym are just some examples of activities that can lead to addictive behaviour. You can become addicted to anything if you spend long periods of time thinking and planning when you are going to get the next fix and this behavior can well be affecting your life negatively.

Visiting this site means you are taking action and that is a great start to changing your relationship with whatever it is you want to stop or reduce. You may have given up before and then something has happened and you are back to where you were. That’s OK. In fact, that is good because it shows you have the ability to change. Very rarely do people quit on their first attempt. I found this really encouraging when I was quitting my own smoking addiction. It really helped!

From my therapy room based in Brockham, near Reigate, Dorking and Horley, we will look at the history of your habit and see what it is about the ‘thing’ that gives you what you cannot get from a more healthy activity. You may be surprised and delighted how a few simple changes to your lifestyle will get you back in control and enjoying yourself without needing bags of will power or feeling you are being left out.

When you are ready to quit or cut down your addictive behavior please call me for an appointment on 07340 955669, use our contact form or email at [email protected]

Sally Nilsson Therapist