Anxiety is a fear of something triggered by an event which happened in the past or something fearful that you perceive will happen in the future. Often it is a completely irrational dread of something. Anxiety is most commonly associated with phobia, PTSD, OCD and untreated stress which can lead to psychosis. Many people suffer with low level anxiety which diminishes a good quality of life.

High anxiety can be debilitating, stopping you from going out, meeting people, eating in public, travelling. The list is endless. One of the most common symptoms of anxiety is panic attack.

A panic attack happens when there is an imbalance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your body and you begin to hyperventilate which means breathing really fast. In a full blown panic attack it is also common for a person to believe the following will happen to them: lose control, go mad, die of a heart attack, feel really humiliated or faint.

Other physical symptoms commonly described are: racing heart, dizziness, shutting down, tingling in the hands or hands locking, dry mouth and even the urgent feeling to be sick or urinate.

This is all perfectly normal for the ‘flight’ response, especially if a huge lion is chasing you down the street but as that is not likely to be happening then the panic attack has been set off at an inappropriate time. Panic attacks generally last no more than 10 minutes and guess what? They are easier than you may think to stop.

It is really all about recognizing what triggers your panic and being prepared in stressful situations. Not only can I show you how to calm yourself down very quickly I can also help you to overcome panic attacks for good. As for anxiety we can discover together where the anxiety originated in the first place so that we can plan how to you can beat it in the minimum of sessions.

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