Relationship difficulties are what so may people bring to therapy. Whether it is a falling out with a family member, someone at work, a friend or your partner, breakdowns in communication can be very upsetting and the repercussions can spread to the people around you. When children are involved the pressure is even higher.

Each person in a relationship is an individual and will have their own personal needs to be met. Then their joint needs to be considered. Please see the ‘Further help’ section on emotional needs and the Human Givens Approach.

Very often arguments involve a great deal of emotions such as anger, jealousy, frustration or stress. When emotions rise significantly the thinking part of your brain shuts down as the ‘fight’ response flares up ready to attack (in evolution terms this would have been important when facing enemy tribes or dangerous wild animals). At this point blame, black and white thinking, unfairness and control over the argument or situation makes finding a compromise or solution very difficult.

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