People suffer with depression when they are not getting their emotional needs met.  Humans have nine emotional needs and when they are met in balance you are healthy. Please look at the About section for more information on the Human Givens approach to emotional needs.

Often depression occurs when you have been dealing with a stressful situation for a long period of time and you cannot find a way out of your difficulty. Particular events such as loss of a job or bereavement or the breakdown of a relationship will understandably cause depression.  Stress and anxiety are usually precursors to depression.  Below is a checklist to see if you might be suffering with depression:

Do you

  • Have low mood?
  • Have little or no interest in activities you used to enjoy?
  • Have problems with sleep or wake exhausted?
  • Feel agitated or demotivated?
  • Feel overwhelmed by the difficulties you are experiencing?
  • Feel guilty and blame yourself or others?
  • Think you will always feel like this?
  • Have no appetite or overeat?
  • Choose unhealthy habits to feel better?
  • Have thoughts about ending your life?

Choosing any number of the above could indicate that you are suffering with some form of depression

There is hope. Most depressive episodes will be temporary and even severe depression may last no more than 6 months. By separating you from “the depression” we can find the inner resources that you already have to overcome and fight the negative feelings and show you how to look forward to a happier, more fulfilling future.

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Sally Nilsson Therapist