Emotional needs audit

The Emotional Needs Audit is a scoring system where we work together to see which of your emotional needs are not being met in balance. Please go to the About section for all the information you need to know on what our emotional needs are. The score goes from 1, being emotional need not being met at all to 10, which means your emotional need is being met very well. Any score below 3 will wave a flag that work needs to be done in a certain area.  It is a simple exercise and great for targeting particular areas in your life you can focus on to improve.

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Sally Nilsson Therapist

The Emotional Needs Audit

Supporting Mental Wellbeing in the workplace

How stressed or anxious we feel at work depends in how well our emotional needs are met in balance. Please score yourself from 1 - being not well met to 7 - well met on each of these 10 Emotional needs:

    1. How secure do you feel at work ?

    2.a. How much positive attention do you receive at work ?

    2.b. How much positive attention can you give to others ?

    3. Do you feel in control of in working life

    4. Can you obtain Privacy when you need to ?

    5. Are you affected by too much privacy ? (Lonliness)

    6. Do you have someone you can talk to who you trust + you feel listened to at work ?

    7. Do you have status that is acknowledge (recognition for good work)

    8. Are you achieving things and feel competent at work ?

    9. Do you feel part of a team ?

    10. Does your job give you meaning and purpose ?

    If you have scored 3 or less on any other above questions then this/ these are the areas you need to focus on to improve your mental health. If you have scored 1s or 2s on a numbers of questions than perhaps you should consider a few sessions of counselling. Go to www.counselling-directory.or.uk for trusted professional counselling in your area.