Pain and Illness

Pain and illness can be unremitting and emotionally distressing. It can feel as though it will never end and almost change the person you once were.  There is hope. Working from my therapy room in Brockham, between, Dorking, Reigate, and Horley let us look at pain and illness separately and then how I can help you to find some relief.


Excrutiating, chronic, acute, numbing, throbbing, stabbing, creeping or spreading.  Just some of the ways to describe what you might be feeling.  Pain can be constant or come and go.  It may be as a result of injury or illness or be post operative. Whatever the nature of your pain get this – it is real!

You may be feeling as though you are knocking your head against a brick wall (painful) as you to try to explain to those around you about your pain.  People may not be able to physically see it or may think you are making it up or that it’s really not that bad or “when is Dad going to stop going on and on about his back. It can’t be as bad as he says it is. He went to the pub last week.”

The x-rays and repeated visits to your GP are still are not coming to a definitive reason why you are in so much pain and for one reason or another the painkillers are not working.

It is no surprise that you may be feeling stressed, anxious, angry or depressed with your pain and although you have been looking for medical interventions now could be the time to see how counselling can help and you have sought action by visiting this site.


If you affected by the issues described on this page please contact me for a free consultation


Have you been ill with a condition for years or are you newly diagnosed?  Is the prognosis a positive one or do you have a life limiting illness?  As with pain there are of course a multitude of different illnesses and they will affect different people in different ways emotionally.

Illness and pain affects not only you but those around you as well.  No matter how difficult a time you are having there are things that can be done to improve your quality of life.  With a little help it will be you who turns how you will find the strength and motivation to cope into a more manageable solution.

Together we can discover your inner resources that will help you to get your emotional needs met.  You may feel as though you have no control or privacy or that there is no meaning in your life.  Perhaps being intimate with a loved one is difficult or you are missing your friends and not going out.  Please look at the About section on Human Givens Therapy and emotional needs and resources.

Sally Nilsson Therapist