When It Is the Right Time to Go for Counselling 

When It Is the Right Time to Go for Counselling 

Different people, different mind; and every mind have its own way of handling pressure and stress. Hence, there is nothing typical in terms of the “right time” to visit a mental health counsellor. Different people may need counselling in Dorking at different times.

While most of the people feel this current pandemic and lockdown situation extremely stressful, some people find their mental peace and strength while spending more time with their family and loved ones.

However, there are some conditions which may trigger stress in people, and you should know when you can think about meeting a counsellor or what the common symptoms are of having anxiety and stress.

Do You Need Counselling

Before saying Yes or No, you should understand your condition first. Check a few conditions in you, which will let you know whether you need to visit a certified counsellor or not.

  • Feeling sad or annoyed all the time
  • Feeling angry on everything around you
  • Loss of interest in everything around you
  • Things you used to love to do, now seems irritating
  • Cannot handle the loss of a loved one
  • Abuses due to drug, sex, alcohol or any other kind of addiction
  • Recently going through something traumatic; physical or mental torture
  • Sexual abuse or molestation makes you feel traumatised and shattered
  • Insecurity in your personal or professional life
  • Moving from your known place to an unknown locality
  • Losing a job or having a huge loss in business
  • Suffering personality disorder
  • Cannot have a sound sleep for several days or having insomnia

If you are experiencing any of these above-mentioned conditions right now in your life, then you should not wait. You need to look for the right person to talk. You can start with your family members, parents, partners, best friend, or some reliable and sensible colleague. If they cannot make you feel better, then it is time to go for professional help.

You should visit the top mental health counsellor of your area to get relief from your current trauma or uncomfortable situation.

Reason That Is Not Listed

However, if none of these above-mentioned things is happening to you, that may not mean you do not need counselling. Sometimes, in most “normal” situations, also people can find the need of being isolated, lonely or stressed. Since you are a different individual with a distinct personality, there can be something that you can only feel about yourself. Hence, it can be a unique reason for which you may need to see a counsellor and seek help.

How Can a Counsellor Help You

The counsellor will talk to you regarding your problems. Whether it is something you are assuming or something that is really happening to you. It can be your mental anxiety and may not have any evidence in reality. It can also be something very much visible and relatable too.

No matter what type of stress or anxiety you are going through right now, the certified and professional mental health counsellors have all the solutions for these issues. In fact, in many cases, they can help you to understand what your actual problem is and how to overcome it if you do not have any clue about the same.

Talking to the experts will always make you feel good, positive and energetic in your life. You feel confident and happy after a while.

At Fresh Start, we offer mental health support to the people who need to the most. We have certified and experienced mental health counsellors with us.

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