Sally Nilsson

Sally Nilsson

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  • Lift Depression Fast

    Learn new skills to calm down quickly and avoid panic attack

  • Set achievable goals that are solution focussed

  • Evidence based therapy

    A scientific and holistic approach which deals with getting your needs met.

  • Lower emotional arousal

    Even severe trauma can be treated with the 'rewind technique', a proven treatment that works time and again for thousands of clients. 

  • All ages

    From young people to the elderly. Trusted therapy for all ages. 

  • Cost effective treatment

    With an average of 4-6 sessions, human Givens Therapy can save you money. Evening and weekend appointments are available. 

  • Trusted therapist

    Sally is insured, supervised and has an enhanced disclosure, She is fully qualified boath as a Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist with years of experience.

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